About Us

Our Mission


Our goal is to leverage technology to enrich people’s daily lives. Bringing a smile to their face, and information to their fingertips. We take the complex and make it simple, our solutions are for everyone.

Who we are


Ridham Solutions,  a Texas based company, is the pioneer around providing "Smarter Shopping Experience" to shoppers on the move. We bring an innovative way to empower retailers with a consumer interactive platform and media option, while helping stores with more effective digital marketing strategy.

Our team consists of dynamic individuals with exceptional experience in growing start-ups to managing fortune 500 companies. The synergy among us drives quality, innovation and creativity, and the result only fuels our passion more.

What we do


We are bridging the gap between consumers and the traditional paper based promotions, Ads and notations to remember a parking spot.

We utilize our patent pending mobile phone application to request taxi service at facilities that serve alcoholic beverages to prevent DUI and promote “Don’t Drink and Drive”

Ridham Solutions also provide NFC business cards, posters, and "contags" (NFC tag with store contact info).